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 Asteroidal Information

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Falconous Jakal


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PostSubject: Asteroidal Information   Sun Mar 08, 2009 3:11 am

[*] Unique property lines the Asteroid Field in four distinct circular attitude each completely encompassing the inner planets
[*] Low density allows for most on the light to penetrate asteroid field

Number of known asteroids: 987,685,324,745
Largest asteroid: 68.6 Million Metric Tons, 957 Km radius
[*] Due to the last battle of Shogun Ganald Jakal and the destruction of the Galactic Shogunate Armada in the Outer Asteroid field, there is an immense debris field of material.

Mineral Resources in Asteroids
Various Metals
Various Crystal

Ship debris (1.7 Trillion metric tons)

Ships in Area
[*] GSTS Honor

Space Structures
Reclamation Station
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Asteroidal Information
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