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 Technology in use during the Space Age (WIP)

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PostSubject: Technology in use during the Space Age (WIP)   Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:15 am

Energy Technology
Fossil Fuel Burning Reactors

Solar Energy Collectors
Wind Power Turbines
Geothermal Energy Collectors
Hydro Power Turbines
Biomass Energy Producers

Capacitor Systems

Fission Reactors
Cold Fusion Reactors
Fusion Reactors
Fusion Batteries

Anti-matter Reactors
Quantum Gravimetric Reactors

Zero Point Energy Modules
Zero Point Energy Taps

Weapons Technology
Mechanically Propelled Kinetic Weapons
Chemically Propelled Kinetic Weapons

Electro-magnetically Propelled Kinetic Weapons

Missile Weapons
Explosive Weapons
- Fission Based Explosives
- Fusion Based Explosives

Laser Weapons

Charged Particle Weapons
- Ion Weapons
- Plasma Weapons
Anti-matter Weapons

Graviton Weapons

Defensive Technology
Armor Alloy Composites
Armor Coatings
Reactive Armor Systems
- Explosive Reactive Armor
- Self-limiting explosive Reactive Armor
- Non-energetic Reactive Armor
- Non-explosive Reactive Armor
- Electric Reactive Armor

Polarized Armor and Hull Systems

Electromagnetic Shielding
Deflector Shielding
- Low Capacity
- Standard Capacity
- High Capacity

Propulsion Technology
Rotor Based Drive Systems
Jet Reaction Based Drive Systems

Ion Based Drive Systems
Plasma Based Drive Systems

Gravimetric Based Drive Systems

Slipstream Drive Systems
Hyperspace Drive Systems
Space Folding Drive Systems
Artificial Worm Hole Drive Systems
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Technology in use during the Space Age (WIP)
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