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 Planetary Information

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PostSubject: Planetary Information   Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:31 am

Astrographical information
Atmospheric composition: 0.7–0.9 kPa, 95.72% Carbon dioxide, 2.7% Nitrogen, 1.6% Argon, 0.2% Oxygen, 0.07% Carbon monoxide, 0.03% Water vapor, 0.01% Nitric oxide, 2.5 ppm Neon, 300 ppb Krypton, 130 ppb Formaldehyde, 80 ppb Xenon, 30 ppb Ozone, 10 ppb Methane
Size: Mass 6.4185×1023 kg, Equatorial radius 3 396.2 ± 0.1 km
Rotational period (days):
Rotational period (hours): 24.622 96 h
Orbital period (days):

Societal information
Species: Terran (Past)
Technological period:
Under control of: Terrans (Past)
Monetary system:

Planetary Structures

Orbital Structures

Ships on the Surface

Ships in Orbit
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Planetary Information
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