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 Personal Gear Belonging to Yuki Chakara

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PostSubject: Personal Gear Belonging to Yuki Chakara   Thu Mar 12, 2009 1:27 am

Aegis Armor System
Nanomachine infused carbon-neutronium alloy body armor with built in personal energy shield generator and multiple emitters rated for both energy and projectile protection. The nanomachines infused into the alloy armor allow for rapid repair of damage the armor matrix sustains as well as damage sustained by the armor's wearer. In its retracted form it looks like nothing more then a breastplate that protects the wearer's torso, when in its fully deployed form it uses a similar technology to armor generators to make a protective armored suit around the wearer to protect them from harm. The armor is powered by a small crystal power cell similar to a micro zero point module that is capable of supplying power for the whole system for an extended period of time as long as its not taxed too much.

Plasma Beam Saber x2
Plasma is shaped and held into a blade-like form by a small electromagnetic-field generator built into the handle of the weapon. A fail-safe is active when not wielding the weapon directly, the handle must be under pressure from the handler to be activated so that the weapon can be stored safely.

Plasma Pistol x2
The Plasma Pistol is a energy weapon that fires bolts of superheated ionized gas (better known as plasma) instead of traditional ballistic ammunition. This weapon is capable of quickly firing low-powered shots.
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Personal Gear Belonging to Yuki Chakara
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