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Falconous Jakal

Falconous Jakal

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Character Name: Falconous Jakal
Species: Human/Terran
Classes: Samurai, Psionic Warrior

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PostSubject: To All Mercs   To All Mercs I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 13, 2009 9:08 am

Falconous seats himself once more, and faces his communications screen. He touches a few buttons and an intergalactic channel is opened. "This is the Shogun Falconous Jakal of the Galactic Shogunate. I am sending this message to all mercenaries that wish to do some honest, but rewarding work for my empire. If you are interested, be here no later than 10 Standard Days after the transmission of this message. Coordinates are as follows:" Another couple of buttons later and the coordinates are sent and the message has ended.

(In other words, would anyone like to join in the galactic shogunate empire's story)
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To All Mercs
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