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 Holographic Technology

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PostSubject: Holographic Technology   Holographic Technology I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 13, 2009 3:47 pm

A hologram is a picture that changes when looked at from different angles. Holography is a technique that allows the light scattered from an object to be recorded and later reconstructed so that it appears as if the object is in the same position relative to the recording medium as it was when recorded. The image changes as the position and orientation of the viewing system changes in exactly the same way as if the object was still present, thus making the recorded image (hologram) appear three dimensional.

Some holograms are a construction of photons, force fields, and holomatter created inside a holodeck, a holosuite, or by another type of holographic projector. Holograms could be manipulated by advanced computer programs, allowing people to interact with the inanimate objects. Holograms can also be projected into space. Highly advanced holoprograms, such as Emergency Medical Holograms, were even considered sentient beings in their own right.

Holodeck matter, also known as holomatter, is a partially stable substance giving the illusion of solid matter, held together by force fields created by hologenerators. Outside of the range of holographic projectors this substance loses cohesion and quickly dissipates into energy. Within range, this substance can have all the properties of "real" matter but is controllable by complex computer software.

A hologenerator is a device used to create holographic imagery. It is similar in function to holodecks, holosuites, and the EMH mobile emitter. Some devices of this sort used omicron particles to create holograms.

A holographic projector (or holographic emitter) is a device used to create holograms. They do this by manipulating photons and force fields to create a realistic, but virtual image. This technology is used in the recreation, labor and medical fields.

A holodeck is a form of holotechnology designed and used by Starfleet. They are installed aboard starships, space stations and at Starfleet institutions for entertainment and training purposes. A typical holodeck consists of a room equipped with a hologrid containing omnidirectional holographic diodes, enabling holographic projections through the manipulation of photons contained within force fields.

A holo-imager or holo-camera is a device that records the form and appearance of a subject in three dimensions, so that it can be reproduced in holographic form. It requires that the subject be captured from multiple angles.
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Holographic Technology
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