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 The Methuselah

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PostSubject: The Methuselah   Sun Mar 15, 2009 9:31 pm

The Methuselah, or "Long-Lived Race" are vampire-like creatures that feed on blood and have supernatural strength. Methuselah have a prolonged lifespan, superior strength, and enhanced speed. They also have healing and regeneration abilities.

In addition to their athleticism and stamina, Methuselah also possess varying individual powers. Most frequently, this power manifests itself in the form of a blade that comes out of the arms, claws, or even as sharp, prehensile hair. Some Methuselah have displayed an ability to control some elemental powers such as fire, ice, electricity and wind. All Methuselah are capable of going into "haste mode" in which they can achieve incredible levels of speed for short durations by stimulating their nervous systems. If used too long, they can become severely fatigued. Some Methuselah have even shown to have the ability to fly.

Methuselah are created in two ways: from being born from Methuselah parents or from a human being infected with the Bacillus nanomachine virus that causes the vampire-like conditions. Methuselah must regularly drink blood because the virus is constantly destroying their red blood cells. Unlike vampires of myth, Methuselah can have children and they can eat and enjoy normal food. However, they must avoid sunlight, as it will cause the Bacillus to rapidly devour the Methuselah's body instead of just their red blood cells. Also, silver can cause them serious injury and death.

(The methuselah racial modification is location specific and can only be gained through being born from infected parents or becoming infected yourself)
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The Methuselah
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