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 The Crusniks

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PostSubject: The Crusniks   Sun Mar 15, 2009 9:42 pm

Crusniks are vampires who feed on the blood of other vampires. They possess immense power and destructive potential and are nearly invincible. Whereas the Methuselahs are either born or infected, the Crusniks are unique beings created as a result of an experiment. To withstand the infusion of Crusnik nanomachines, the one infused must have a genetically enhanced body as its the only way said person is capable of surviving the procedure.

Crusniks possess unique attributes that separate them from Methuselahs. For instance, they sport angelic wings and can fly quite easily. Crusniks can transmute their blood into weapons and often possess psychokinetic powers. Ranging from the ability to generate powerful bio-electric fields, use psychokinetic waves to pulverize objects and enemies and to generate barriers. Even reducing people and objects to dust using sound waves.

In order to activate their Crusnik powers, they usually issue a verbal or mental command to the nanomachines in their body. For example, they say "Nanomachines: Crusnik 02 - __% Activate" and receives a confirmation from the nanomachines of "Crusnik 02 Loading. Limitation at __%... Acknowledged".

(Crusnicks are a very rare and powerful racial modification, to become one you must not only be genetically modified but must also find the highly advanced and rare crusnick nanomachines)
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The Crusniks
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