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 The Progen

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PostSubject: The Progen   Mon Mar 16, 2009 10:00 am

The Progen are a militaristic offshoot of humanity, genetically and cybernetically enhanced

They left the remaining human refugees that fled the Sol System to colonize a barely habitable planet in the Gallina System. Leaving humanity behind to survive in their harsh environment alone and these hardships shaped the proto-Pregen race who came to believe that they were the ones destined to save humanity. Fighting the environment of Lagarto formed the Progen mindset into fighting hardship by changing their surroundings to suit their needs; this was their manner of combating adversity.


The hardships the Progen faced in their earlier lives forced them to seek superior means, one of which meant that they adopted a clone method of propagating their civilization. A structured and ordered means was not only sought but required. The skills, natural traits and behavior are planned as well as integrated even before the Progen child are born. This made all Progen respect as well as obey authority which, combined with their militaristic nature make their way of life almost alien to the Terrans.

Their society is thus essentially divided into a caste based society where individuals are assigned positions into a certain class when they are born. The castes available to the Progen are; warriors, workers, servant proles, technicians, and the leaders. Each of the castes are divided even further between the leader Alpha's to Beta's, Delta's, Gamma's and the Theta's. While castes can be changed during a the life of a Progen, only the Proles cannot between castes.

Within Progen society there are several elite classes one of which are the Centuriata who are the warriors of the Progen warrior caste. The next class are the Sabine who are the sentinel explorers of the warrior caste. Finally, there are the Collegia who are the Progen privateer tradesmen of the warrior caste.

The orderly and absolute control over the members of its society also led to the development of laws regarding social interactions between the genetic classes. Genetic profiles are considered with the breeding of 'better' characteristics and thus classes such as Beta's can mate with one of an equal or lower class but not of a higher one. After which, a genetic profile is determined and the embryo is incubated within the Life Institute for a full nine-month term. During the development of the young Progen, its status is closely monitored to prevent aberrations from being present in the child and should they develop, then methods are made to correct the problem.

Once born, the child is placed in the care of the mating pair for a period of five to six method period in order to develop a family bond. After which, aptitude is monitored along with methods to indoctrinate, along with condition, the child into the castes they have been assigned.

This allows the Progen society to have a fast growing population base. An interesting side effect of the genetic engineering has improved the Progen life span with them outliving Terrans by 50 years.

Progen economy is more socialistic where all Progen's basic needs are considered while the more luxury items have a higher price. Businesses to work closely with the military and government.

Crime is something that is completely alien in Progen society which are treated as diseases and not behavioral problem as Terrans would see them. If the problem cannot be corrected then those individuals are terminated which eliminates the needs for penal facilities. This makes those few Progen criminals that do exist to be the most dangerous, successful and feared of all human beings.

The Progen are a proud, noble race who are absolutely devoted to authority. But the prime facet of the Progen people is their goal of conquest and dominion of all of humanity to ensure its survival. This is because the Progen's genuine belief that they are mankinds only hope to survive the coming years because of their superior forms and society.

The fact that they are a clone culture has made the Progen accept all facets of genetic engineering which has had a rapid effect in their society. This is seen evident as all Progen tend to be healthier, stronger, quicker, smarter and very beautiful to see compared to Terrans.

The genetic caste plus class based society mean that Progen rulers are born to rule and suited for their tasks with all of them believing in the 'Orbis Progen' which means the Progen World. This essentially means that all Progen believe that everything will belong to them one day.

The primary government body in Progen society is the Senate which is headed by the Primarch. Within the Senate there are two 'Houses' namely the Upper Comitia Centuriata which consists of the Alpha sub-class and the Lower Comitia Tributa which the other genetic classes such as the Beta's and lowers sit in. Election is made through popular vote.

As already mentioned, the head of the Senate is the Primarch who is an Alpha class individual elected into the position. Traditionally, such members are from their homeworld and serve as term of five years, however, a successive term of 25 years in total can be achieved. Essentially, once elected, the Primarch serves as the Commander-in-Chief for the Progen military as well as dictates foreign policy along with overseeing the executive branch of the government. The position is essentially a balance feature for the legislative branch of the government. This grants the Primarch special powers to allow special pardons but cannot override a decision of the Tribunal. The Primarch is aided by a special cabinet known as the Decimvirate, known as the Council of Ten, which organizes the two Houses of the Senate. This makes them essentially as the second-in-command to the Primarch.

The Progen Technocratic Republic's true power is held by the Tribunal and is the only body that can remove a Primarch from their position of power, which can only be done in the most extreme of situations. They essentially serve as the Progen law givers which handles problems within the city-states and its colonies as well as space stations. The Tribunal itself only handles capital offenses while a Lower Tribunal handles the non-capital offences in the many districts.

Another facet of the government is the position of Legatus Magnus which is essentially the Secretary of State. A Legatus Magnus can assume the position of Primarch should that individual be killed or removed from office.

The final part of the Progen government are the Virtuals who are the memory recordings of the dead Primarchs who held the position in the prior years. The very consciousness is stored in a living computer known as the Machina Republica. The many memories become a type of collective mind which only the Primarch outside the Sabine Order who is allowed to access it. The Virtuals are only consulted in times of dire need and serve as advisers in such extreme circumstances.
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The Progen
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