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 The Medical Technician (Medic)

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PostSubject: The Medical Technician (Medic)   Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:24 am

Medic is a general term for a person involved in medicine, especially emergency or first-response medicine, such as an emergency medical technician, paramedic, or a military member trained in battlefield medicine.

Types of medics

* Emergency medical technician: The procedures and skills allowed at this level are generally non-invasive such as bleeding control, positive pressure ventilation with a bag valve mask, supplemental oxygen administration, and splinting (including full spinal immobilization). In some locations, the EMT-B is trained to reduce joint dislocations - they are allowed one attempt - to reduce the risk of compartmentalization. Some medications can only be administered or "assisted" to a patient.
* Paramedic, a pre-hospital responder to medical and trauma emergencies that provides advanced emergency treatment.
* Emergency physician, a medical doctor (M.D.) who has specialized post graduate training in emergency diagnostics and treatment.
* Corpsman, a trained sailor who is responsible for providing care to members of the Armed Forces, first aid and trauma care on the battlefield.
* Combat Medic, a trained soldier who is responsible for providing first aid and front-line trauma care on the battlefield.
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The Medical Technician (Medic)
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