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 Ha'tak Class Mothership (WIP)

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PostSubject: Ha'tak Class Mothership (WIP)   Tue Mar 17, 2009 11:00 am

Ha'tak Class Vessel

Affiliation: Goa'uld
Type: Battlecruiser/carrier

Unit Run:


[*]Length: 700m
[*]Beam: 650m
[*]Height: 315m
Mass: metric tons
Crew: 1-12, Including 2000+ Jaffa Troops

Life Support Systems:

Artificial Gravity: Gravity Field Generators

Power Systems:
Primary Power System: Naquadah reactors
Secondary Power Systems: Naquadah reactors
Back Up Power Systems:
Emergency Power Systems:

Computer Systems: Quantum Duotronic Computer System, Augmented with Control Crystals

Sensor Systems:

[*] 60 staff cannons (Plasma Bolt cannons)
[*] Naquadah Bomb Launchers

Defense Systems:
[*] Standard Capacity Deflector Shielding

Propulsion Systems:
Faster then Light Drive: Interstellar Hyperspace Window Generator
Sub-Light Engines: Gravimetric Drives
Thrusters: Gravimetric Propulsion System
Inertial Dampeners: Yes
Reaction Control System (RCS): Gravimetric Propulsion System

Faster then Light Speeds:
[*]Normal Cruise:
[*]Maximum Cruise:
[*]Maximum Rated:

Diplomatic Capability:

[b]Strength Indices:[/b] (Galaxy class = 1,000)
[*]Projectile Firepower:
[*]Beam Firepower:
[*]Torpedo/Missile Firepower:
[*]Weapon Range and Accuracy:
[*]Shield Strength:
[*]Hull Armour:
[*]Combat Maneuverability:
Overall Strength Index:

Expected Hull Life:
Refit Cycle:
[*]Minor: year
[*]Standard: years
[*]Major: years

Twelve wings of death gliders
Three wings of al-kesh bombers
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Ha'tak Class Mothership (WIP)
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