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 U.M.N. (Unus Mundus Network)

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PostSubject: U.M.N. (Unus Mundus Network)   Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:49 am

U.M.N., short for Unus Mundus Network, is an informational network that spans the known universe. Its non-locality is a large factor in its use in space warps and FTL (faster than light) communications. The U.M.N. Control Center is located on Second Miltia. This includes all facilities associated with the U.M.N. including the U.M.N. Transportation Gate management facility. The U.M.N. is under the jurisdiction of the U.M.N. Management Agency, meaning the U.M.N. Management Agency virtually controls all information within the Galaxy Federation, making it a very influential agency within the central government. The agency relies on Vector Industries to provide 98% of its facilities and resources.

Certain points on the U.M.N. represented by actual points in space are known as Column Areas. These are specially designated areas of space normally marked by beacons where ships can gate in and gate out of hyperspace. A vessel must first interact with the U.M.N. in the Column Area, transmit a flight plan and a usage fee to the U.M.N. Transportation Gate management facility then receive clearance to gate into hyperspace. The space between recognized Column Areas is small on a galactic scale.

The symbol of the U.M.N. is a snake biting its own tail, also known as the Ouroboros.
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U.M.N. (Unus Mundus Network)
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