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 Simplified Weapon Descriptions (WIP)

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PostSubject: Simplified Weapon Descriptions (WIP)   Simplified Weapon Descriptions (WIP) I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 18, 2009 10:12 am

Projectile Weapons

Chemically Propelled Kinetic Projectile Weapons (Standard Guns)
Chemically propelled projectiles have mostly become outdated with the advent of electromagnetically propelled versions, they do however still have their uses and are still effective in some situations. Small personal firearms are still mostly used against soft targets and light armored targets, they have little use against heavier armor and energy shielding though. Heavier cannons have greater armor piercing potential and can cause far greater damage but still can do little against energy shielding.

Electronically Initiated Superposed Load Projectile Weapons (Metal Storm System)
With the absence of ammunition feed and casing ejection systems there is no longer any jamming issues and vast increase in the rate of fire, however, this system still uses a chemical reaction to propel the projectiles so they are subject to the same limitations.

Electromagnetically Propelled Weapons (Railguns)
With the advent of electromagnetically propelled projectile systems, they need for chemical propellant has declined sharply. Since there is no defined power limit now and the size to power ratio has effectively been removed, the penetrative and kinetic potential of a EM propelled round is great enough to overcome the defensive rating of even heavy armor and energy shielding.

Laser Weapons
The laser is generally the first directed energy weapon a species creates and they never truly become useless as greater forms of energy weapons are developed. The very nature of a laser makes the beam travel from emitter to target at the speed of light, allowing for greater chance of hitting and decreasing the targets chances of dodging the beam. Lasers cause damage from a build up of heat, burning through solid materials and overloading shield emitters at varying speeds depending on power output of the device.

Charged Particle Weapons

Ion Weapons
Ions are a form of charged particles that have been ionized and are propelled out of the weapon using electromagnetic forces. The particles move at sublight or close to light speeds depending on the projection systems power and as such carries a large kinetic force along with the electrical one. Ion weapons have the effect of being able to overload electrical systems and therefore are effective against energy shielding, at high speeds and power settings they are even capable of punching right through an energy shield and slamming into a solid object with a great deal of kinetic energy.

Plasma Weapons
Plasma is a super heated gas particle, as such they are capable of carrying a great deal of heat energy with them and said heat energy tends to linger even after the particle has hit their target. Plasma is propelled out of a weapon using electromagnetic forces at sublight or near light speed depending on the projection systems power and as such carries a large kinetic force along with the heat one. Plasma weaponry is highly effective against not only solid materials but also energy shielding, capable of quickly burning through both depending on weapon output.
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Simplified Weapon Descriptions (WIP)
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