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 [GS] Intruder Class Tank (WIP)

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Falconous Jakal


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Character Name: Falconous Jakal
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PostSubject: [GS] Intruder Class Tank (WIP)   Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:49 pm

General and Technical Data

Model number: GST-1
Code name: Intruder
Unit type: Main Assault Tank
Manufacturer: Galactic Shogunate
Operator: Samurai
First deployment: 10043 AF
Accommodation: 1 Pilot, 1 Gunner
Dimensions: overall height 4 meters, overall width 20 meters, overall length 32.5 meters
Weight: empty 125 metric tons, max gross 150 metric tons
Armor materials: 20 mm Trinium
Powerplant: Small Fusion generator output rated at 100 kW
Propulsion: Tread
Performance: maximum thruster acceleration 2 G
Equipment and design features: Low capacity deflector shield generator
Fixed armaments: 2 Main Rail Cannons (150 Kg. projectile weight)
Optional fixed armaments: 4 forward, 2 rear retractable mini-missile pods (16 missiles per pod)
Optional hand armaments:
Remote weapons: UAV sensor/camera VTOL craft

Technical and Historical Notes
13 years after the death of Shogun Ganald Jakal, his son and heir Shogun Falconous Jakal began his quest of revenge on his Father's killers, the Progen. In his ultimate plan, he did not stop at just eradicating the enemies fleet, but he is to take the fight to their very homes.

A Main Assault tank was needed for this. The Intruder is the most sophisticated and deadly mechanized weapons platform wielded by any one pilot on the ground
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[GS] Intruder Class Tank (WIP)
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