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 The Shogun's Shield

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Falconous Jakal


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PostSubject: The Shogun's Shield   Fri Mar 20, 2009 8:17 am

Continued 5 months after The Beginning

Author: Falconous Jakal
Title: The Shoguns Shield
Location: Battle Cruiser Vengeance, Magnus orbit
Timeline: 10043 AF (After Fall)
Tag: FJ5
Content: G

Falconous Jakal stood on the bridge of the Vengeance admiring the handy work of the completed Shipyard over Magnus. The supplies from the orbital refinery were a constant stream to the processing matrix that all ship parts are made for the shipyard. Of the massive project that had been ordered, only a rib and a half were completed and in place.

"My Lord," Flin Novem, Captain of the Vengeance and Admiral of the Shogunate Navy brought Falconous out of his thought. "We are ready to leave."

Falconous turned and took his seat to the right of Flin. "So be it."

"Helmsman, make a course for the space station Reclaimer, maximum impulse." He gave the order.

"Yes, sir." the reply came, "Ready, Sir."


And with a push of a button from the helmsman, the Vengeance turned from it's orbit and began accelerating to 0.5 light speed toward the outer edge of their solar system.

46 minutes into the 2 hour flight, the comms officer reported, "My Lord, there is an incoming transmission on your personal line, it is Balanna."

Falconous stood and proceeded to the office just off the bridge. "Relay it in here."

"Yes, Sir."

As the door closed behind him, Falconous quickened his step to the chair behind the desk, he hastily opened the view screen to reveal his long-time friend and mentor, Balanna.

"What news, my friend?" Falconous Asked anxiously.

Her beautiful aqua hair shimmered as her image came into view, her piercing yellow eyes alive with a life that could never be there. Her voice was no where near as harsh as any known android, a musical tone could be heard as she spoke. "All is as you wished, My Lord Falconous. The amount of information is immense, but it is all here, I have little doubt that Kason will be able to utilize it very quickly."

"That IS good news. What is you destination and arrival time?" Falconous Inquired.

"My computer indicates you are going to the new space station, I will rendezvous with you there in a little over 3 hours"

"Then until we meet." Falconous replied and closed the view screen, a large smile etched into his face. He stayed in the office with his reminiscing for the remainder of the trip.

Continued on The Shogun's Shield)
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The Shogun's Shield
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