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 Artificial Intelligence

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PostSubject: Artificial Intelligence   Sat Mar 21, 2009 7:40 am

The process of creating an AI is different depending on the type and level of sophistication of the AI in question. Instead of simply "programming" an AI, the AI matrix can actually be created by sending electric bursts through the neural pathways of a living brain which are then replicated in a superconducting nano-assemblage. This destroys the original brain tissue however, and so the brain being used could only be obtained after the host had died. However, in some instances, the candidate brain can be flash-cloned and had its memories transferred to the receptacle organs so that the host could remain alive.

Smart and Dumb AIs
Most AIs give themselves a unique appearance (otherwise known as an avatar) that corresponds to their main use. "Smart" AIs, or AIs that are not confined to their one purpose, have a normal operational life span of several years. Because the "Smart" AI is subject to an established memory core which cannot normally be replaced, the more the AI collects data, the less "thinking" space it has to work with. An AI can literally "think" itself to death. Dumb AIs do not have this problem as they do not learn anything that is outside of their set limits of dynamic memory processing matrix. They are quite useful in their particular field of expertise, but very limited. Smart AIs can function and learn as long as they are active.

If a "smart" AI exists for over a dozen years or so, it can enter a stage of rampancy similar to the Human state of insanity. The AI becomes to think that it is superior to its Human creators, and has delusions of godlike power.

It is technically unclear exactly how an AI works, as it is only based on the functionality of a living brain, which scientists do not fully understand. AIs do not have physical bodies, rather they are advanced software consisting of a Riemann Matrix for higher-function processing. This matrix can be downloaded into a Data Crystal Chip for mobility. In case of Rampancy, the Riemann Matrix has a fail-safe program that will destroy the AI. Since most AIs must be created by mapping out the connections of a living brain, it seems likely that the most does not have an understanding of how to create AIs from scratch, and is limited to simply "copying" the intelligence of biological organisms.

They can only take physical form where holographic or robotic technology is available. This requires a Holotank or robot body of some kind.

Because "Smart" A.I.'s are created using either actual living brains or cloned brains there are often times residual thoughts, memories and/or feelings that remain. These residuals can be anywhere from the "feeling" of a hair brush being pulled through hair or even have an effect on the mannerisms and characteristics that make up the personality of an A.I.

Other than the two types "Dumb" and "Smart," AIs are given certain purposes. Over the course of a few hundred years, many race have developed a highly advanced understanding of this type of technology, and are capable of creating intelligent and nearly sentient "Smart" AIs. However, in many cases these beings are not the result of actual programming, they can only be created by "copying" a living intelligence, which is only possible by destroying the original brain.
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Artificial Intelligence
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