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 I-Field Barrier (WIP)

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PostSubject: I-Field Barrier (WIP)   Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:43 am

Another application of the I-field is the I-field barrier. This generates a dense I-field in the space surrounding the barrier generator, which can deflect the beam weapons derived from Minovsky physics due to the interaction force (presumably a fifth basic force) between the mega particles and the Minovsky particles. However, this barrier has no effect against lasers or against physical attacks such as missiles until later, very high-output I-field might have created a barrier using the effect like the Minovsky craft system, was seen blocking missiles, and within the barrier's radius beam weapons do not function with their usual lethality. Most I-field applications of this type were used on mobile weapons.

Despite the deflection power of the I-field, it usually overheats easily, and has no effect on conventional projectile weapons. The MA-08 Big Zam could only operate its I-field for no longer than 20 minutes, thus having a gap between cool down sequences and being vulnerable within that period.

It was not until 2153 when a mobile armor would have an unlimited-use barrier. A more effective defensive device (the beam shield) fell into common use, and the I-field barrier became obsolete.
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I-Field Barrier (WIP)
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