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 Naqahdah Energy (WIP)

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PostSubject: Naqahdah Energy (WIP)   Thu Mar 26, 2009 1:35 am

Naqahdah (also spelled "naquahdah", "naquadah" or "naquaada") A rare, super heavy metal. Its most basic use is as a weapon: naqahdah greatly amplifies energy, making it extremely potent if paired with explosives. Due to its unique properties, naqahdah forms the basis for many advanced technologies. Naqahdah is also present in the bloodstream of the Goa'uld, which allows them to control their technology and sense the presence of other symbiotes. In its refined form, weapons-grade naqahdah, is extremely valuable and often used as currency. Weapons-grade naqahdah is so dense that two strong humans are required to lift a quantity the size of a couple of common housing bricks, making it at least as dense as gold. Alternate forms of naqahdah include liquid naqahdah, used to power Goa'uld staff weapons, and heavy liquid naqahdah, used to power Goa'uld AG-3 weapons satellites. Naqahdah does not occur naturally in the Sol System.

Naquahdah Generator
A naqahdah-powered generator provides colossal amounts of clean energy. In spite of their small size they produce a power output roughly comparable to several large nuclear power plants. A Naqahdah generator can also be converted into a devastating bomb. The device emits a powerful electromagnetic pulse when detonated, similar to those emitted by nuclear weapons.

Naqahdriah (also spelled "naquahdriah" or "naquadria") A highly unstable variant isotope of naqahdah with considerably greater energy-production capacity — and correspondingly greater explosive potential. Naqahdriah emits radiation that can cause death, or in non-lethal doses brain damage, resulting in delusions and/or schizophrenia. The energy released by naqahdriah can catalyze nearby naqahdah into more naqahdriah in a self-sustaining reaction. Even a very small amount emits a pulse of energy far greater than weapons grade naquadah, and when used as a weapon it has the potential to be as powerful as a naquadah-enhanced nuclear warhead.
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Naqahdah Energy (WIP)
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