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 Gudd's Mission

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Falconous Jakal

Falconous Jakal

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Gudd's Mission Empty
PostSubject: Gudd's Mission   Gudd's Mission I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 28, 2009 12:02 pm

Continued from Taking Control

Author: Falconous Jakal
Title: Gudd's Mission
Location: Imperial Palace, Tagnus
Timeline: 10043 AF (After Fall)
Tag: Gudd, FJ

Falconous awoke alone in his bed, something he had not done in the last month. It was a eerie feeling to know that he did not know where Mitianna was. He stood and put on his robe and combed his fingers through his messy blonde hair. He called for her, and when there was no reply, he headed for the closet to get dressed for the day.

This was an exceptionally special day, and he suspected that the excitement had gotten to Mitianna as well. He removed his robe and put on his under garments, next was the padding, and finally he pulled his ornamental armor off the hanger and began to put on what he could. He reached up and pressed a button to call for a servant to help him.

Falconous walked into the main hall of the Imperial Palace to find Kason waiting for him. Falconous motioned him to walk and talk.

"My Lord, all of the new technologies have been refitted onto the Retribution and Vengeance. They are ready to take you up." He said.

"You have done well, Kason. I know I have given you and your department much lately, but if one outdated Progen ship was able to take on two of our battle cruisers, then we must get our ships more technologically advanced then what they currently are." Falconous explained.

Kason missed a step, "My Lord, you do not have to explain that to me, I fully understand the gravity of the situation we are in."

"I am glad you see it that way, Kason. Keep up the good work." Falconous said as he stepped into his personal shuttle.

The shuttle lifted and in a few moments they were through the atmosphere and heading to the Vengeance. Once aboard, Falconous headed to the main bridge to find Gudd.

"Welcome, My Lord." Gudd said as he entered the bridge, all were standing at attention.

"Well met, Gudd. Are you pleased with the modifications to the ship?" Gudd nodded with a smile. "Then let us be under way."

Gudd turned and barked, "At ease. Helmsman, set course for the Magnus shipyards, full impulse." And the ship was speeding to the liquid planet.

Falconous Jakal's Story continued in Gudd's Mission
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Gudd's Mission
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