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 Gudd's Mission

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Falconous Jakal

Falconous Jakal

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Gudd's Mission Empty
PostSubject: Gudd's Mission   Gudd's Mission I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 28, 2009 12:58 pm

Continued from Gudd's Mission

Author: Falconous Jakal
Title: Gudd's Mission
Location: GSS Vengeance, Orbit over Magnus
Timeline: 10043 AF (After Fall)
Tag: FJ8

"Slow to one quarter impulse." Gudd said as the closed the distance remaining to the Magnus Shipyard.

The entire bridge fell silent as the view on the screen stunned even the oldest of warriors. Setting in the immense dock was the GSS Kraken, the Sodegarami class assault carrier and new flagship of the Galactic Shogunate armada.

Falconous smiled and announced, "You are all here today to witness the launch of this magnificent ship. With it, we usher in an entire new era of our people. No longer will we fear the Progen attacks on our homeworld, no longer will we be isolationists, and no longer will we fear being discovered! We are the Shogunate and we will no longer live in fear!!!" Falconous thrust his hand in the air as the bridge erupted in cheers. "He looked to Gudd. "Now for you." He hands an envelope to the Admiral. "You are here-by ordered on a mission of great importance. Your ship has been fitted with everything you need and plenty of fuel."

Gudd takes the envelope, tucks it under his arm and bows his head slightly, "Yes, My Lord."

Falconous starts toward the exit before turning and adding, "Bring this ship and crew back safely to their home, Admiral." Gudd bows slightly again as the Shogun leaves the bridge.


The door to the shuttle opens to reveal Mitianna, a great smile spread across her face. "This ship is amazing." her smile turns mischievous, "Is it a wedding gift?"

"No Love, this ship is to make it to where I do not end up like last time." He said. He hooked his arm around her shoulder and headed down the long corridors on the way to the bridge.

As they entered the bridge, Falconous staggered a bit at the shear magnitude of the size. There were a good 25 stations, all currently being manned as the operators were running pre-system start-up diagnostics. The large command chair sat in the middle with 3 gust chairs off to the left of it.

The view screen was focused on both the Vengeance leaving and the planet Magnus. Mitianna took a step forward out of his arm and headed for the seat to the immediate left of the command chair. Falconous began in that direction before catching the sight of Katie Rilis, the commander assigned to the Shipyards after Flin left to resume his duties.

"Katie, please come with me." He said, motioning her off to his office. The glass doors slid open as they approached. They stopped just inside the doors as they shut behind them. "What are the numbers looking like?" Falconous said without any pleasantries exchanged.

"It can be done in one month, and after that we can push one out every two weeks as long as they are staggered." Katie said.

Falconous thought, "What of the resource levels? Are they sufficient for the moment?"

"Yes, but there will be none to spare for the Magnus Yards."

"Damn!" He cursed. "Get to building the C & C now and the expansion. I will deal with the resources." We turned and walked out to rejoin his wife.

Mitianna leaned over, "Is everything going ahead?"

Only a small glitch." He replied. Raising his voice, he asked, "First Officer, Status?"

A young man by the name of Damian Accur can up to him. Damian looked too young to shave much less be second in command of the most powerful ship in the inventory. "My Lord, we are two minutes from engine start-up, after that it will be four minutes until clamp release and we are free to exit dock."

"Thank you Damian." Falconous Turned back to Mitianna, "This truly is a joyous day."

"That it is, My Love." she replies

The Story continues Returning to a New Home and GUDD's Mission, the Search Begins
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Gudd's Mission
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