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 Changing Faces

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PostSubject: Changing Faces   Sat Mar 28, 2009 6:01 pm

Continues from here

Author: Midori Kusanagi
Title: Changing Faces
Location: Beta Gabriel, Phoenix Mercenary Guild
Timeline: 10043 AF (After Fall)
Tag: Midori

After arriving back on Beta Gabriel, Midori quickly travels to the Phoenix Mercenary Guild to give them the news of their departure, giving them all a choice of staying and doing their own thing or going with her, the majority decided to go with Midori, to start their lives anew. But those that stayed behind were given a share of the guild earnings as a settlement.

After giving the news, Midori sent a transmission to Reach, requesting upgrades, the specifics were an anti-hack firewall to stop any intrusions from outside influences on her conscience. The second request was that she be made a new body. She had enough money to pay for it after her work for Falconous after all.. And changing her image may put the Tagnus population at ease, as they would not see a murderous traiter when they set eyes upon her. To uphold this image, Midori decided to use "Faye" as her alias when she returns to Tagnus.

Continues Here
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Changing Faces
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