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 Raven (WIP)

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Character Sheet
Character Name: Raven
Species: Human/Terran
Classes: UNKNOWN

Raven (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Raven (WIP)   Raven (WIP) I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 29, 2009 10:27 am

First Name: Raven
Middle Name:
Last Name:


Creation Date: T.C. 4960 (Actual date not available)
Place of Creation: Unknown
Gender: Female Type
Species: Prototype Weapons Android
Class: N/A
Age: Unknown (Appears 24)

Height: 5' 0"
Weight: 150lbs.
Measurements: N/A
Handedness: Left Handed
Clothing Sizes / Styles: (Armor frame similar to a T-elos model android but different colors- Black & Dark red, gold trim in detail areas)
Eye Color: Dark Red
Hair Color: White/ Silver
Hair Length: Waist length

Physical Description:
Android similar to a T-elos model android (lighter skin tone & tougher body and armor frame)

Strengths: Skilled at physical hand to hand combat and weapons combat.
Weaknesses: Unknown

General Overview:
Unlike T-elos.. Raven has a more humane personality and only fights when not much else works.

Ambitions: Unknown

Hobbies & Interests: N/A

Languages: Only English and any Asian language perfectly well. (other languages remain Unknown at this time)
Style of Speech: Varies on situation
Commonly Used Words / Slang / Jargon:

Relationship with Family:
Family: None
Father - None
Mother - None
Brother(s) - None
Sister(s) - None
Spouse - None
Children - None
Other Family - None

Relationship with Friends: Fairly well (If any at all)
Key Friends:
Key Enemies:

> Arm Blade (Retractable beam blade on left arm)
> Beam Scythe
> Heavy Gatling Cannon (3 rollers with 6 barrels ea.)

> Extremely Agile in close combat (Can achieve speeds of about 75Mph on a straight run)
> Able to lift or handle Extremely heavy objects
> Immune to conventional small arms fire (bullets, etc.. )
> AI (learns the opponents moves in combat and reacts to them)
> Has Dangerously High accuracy when firing at long distances
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Raven (WIP)
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