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 Returning to a New Home.

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PostSubject: Returning to a New Home.   Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:51 pm

Continues from here.

(All of my posts now portray Midori as "Faye")

Author: Midori Kusanagi
Title: Returning to a New Home
Location: Tagnus
Timeline: 10043 AF (After Fall)
Tag: Midori, FJ

Having finished everything she had to do back on Beta Gabriel, and Reach. Faye returned to Tagnus, with the Mercenaries that had decided to join her, in total about 40 of the 50 Mercenaries in her guild had followed her to Tagnus, not wanting to abandon their leader, and the woman they see as Bandos', their old leader and friend, adoptive daughter.

When approaching Tagnus orbit, Faye sent out a message "This is Faye Randgriz, I wish to speak with Falconous Jackal." Upon seeing on the scanners that a GS ship was transmitting this message, and the commander of it was unknown to them, the operators of the GSS Kraken Assault Carrier receiving the message were hesitant at first, then after performing the protocol measures, they promptly replied, "Understood Commander Randgriz, Falconous will speak with you when you land at the Dock, please proceed to the following co-ordinates, we will send out a squadron to escort you."

Upon receiving the Co-ordinates, the squadron of Advanced Fighters returned to the assault carrier. Faye docked her ship, the Gungnir of the Galactic Shogunate, at the specified location. And she picked up some documents and had a capsule sent down to the dock-floor with her.

Not even 10 seconds after arriving on the floor, Faye saw the Shogun enter the room, followed by Mitianna and Balanna. As she saw him, Faye approached, with several of her men bringing the capsule close behind her.

As she approached Falconous, he said "So, Faye is it?"

Faye look at the Shogun and smiled slightly, "Maybe you'd remember me if it was Midori?" Falconous looks slightly confused as Faye points to the capsule, which reveals Fayes' old body. "While i was away i had a few... Well.. Upgrades."

Faye says this as Falconous and Mitianna peer into the Capsule. "I see." He replies.

"I just thought maybe a change in appearance would not scare your population when they see me, whereas they fear Midori.. Faye is a 'different' person, therefor i could work for you better... That is if you'll still have me?" Faye says this as she looks into the Capsule. "Oh and also.. I brought with me about 40 of my Mercenaries.. I hope that's ok."
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Falconous Jakal

Falconous Jakal

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Character Name: Falconous Jakal
Species: Human/Terran
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PostSubject: Re: Returning to a New Home.   Sun Mar 29, 2009 6:14 pm

Continues from Gudd's Mission

Author: Falconous Jakal
Title: Returning to a New Home
Location: Tagnus
Timeline: 10043 AF (After Fall)
Tag: Midori, FJ

As they all headed inside to a meeting room, Midori's men put the capsule back onto her ship. "The Serephim is still where you left it, safe and sound. How is the cruiser treating you?"

Midori smiled, 'It is a lot slower than what I am used to, but it is a good ship."

Falconous could sense her underlying sarcasm. The cruiser is far inferior to her heavy cruiser she called home, but that was neither here nor there. "Now that you are back, I would assume you would like to get started on settling into your new home on Evolot." Midori nodded. "Good. I am going to assume that with the men brought with you, there are at least two capable commanders." Again Midori nodded. "And I would also assume that you trust these men a great deal?" Midori nodded a third time. "Well as part of your trade assignment, you will need to provide protection for the tankers, so I am assigning two more cruisers to you for that reason. I am also giving you 200 trained men to crew them.

"On Evolot, we have already set up a decent sized settlement for you and your men, I have also assigned another 300 men to you to aid you in your job and your settlement. Eventually I will open up relocation to the planet once you are ready for your population there to grow. But for all of this to continue, I must have your word that the settlement will be now and always a Galactic Shogunate settlement, protected by and under the rule of my empire, under your command."

Midori smiled slightly, looking at each at the table "Falconous, if I was not prepared to be devoted to your cause, I would have simply left, but what I have seen from you and those around you, you truly are a good man, a good leader and a fair ruler. I am honored that you would place me so far in your command, even after what happened. I accept this responsibility to the fullest."

"Good." Falconous pulls a mobile computer from under the table. "This computer will tell you all you need to know about the Empire and about your new job. It has all the contacts you will need for getting requisitions and materials, it will also discuss your wages, your men's wages as well as everything you will need for your settlement on Evolot."

Falconous stood, the others followed suit. He led them through the door and back outside. "Those two cruisers there are the ones you will be taking with you." He pointed to the identical cruisers next to the Gungnir. Falconous waved and a moment later people started to pour out of an adjacent building and began to load on the ships. "These men have been ordered to follow your lead and those appointed over them. Please stress to your men that this is a trying time for us all, and the last thing we need is for there to be strife between the two groups."

"Understood, Shogun." Midori said with a bow of her head.

Falconous scoffed, "You may be a member of my court, but you are not bound to me, you can call me Falconous and you do not need to bow." He looked to see that everyone was loaded. "It is time for you to go see your new home, I bid you luck in the coming months and do not make yourself a stranger to my home."

Falconous presented an arm to her. Midori dismissed it and gave him a hug. "Thank you Falconous." She in turn hugged Mitianna as well, and thanked her before turning to board her ship.

Continued in Time?
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Returning to a New Home.
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