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 Creed Eniyou

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Character Sheet
Character Name: Midori Kusanagi
Species: Human/Terran
Classes: Mercenary

PostSubject: Creed Eniyou   Mon Mar 30, 2009 8:13 pm

First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:

Aliases: (Other names your character might go by, mostly for those that have shadier lifestyles)

Birth Date:
Place of Birth or Creation: (Pick one of the other based on race, where they where born or created)
Residence: (Where does your character live, can be a planet, space station of starship)

Gender: (Male, female or other)
Class: (Pick one or more classes from the list based on what your character does)

Height: ′ ″
Weight: lbs.
Measurements: (Chest, waist and hip measurements. Not really needed but can be filled in to help others visualize how you look better)
Handedness: (Right handed, left handed or ambidextrous)
Clothing Sizes / Styles: (What kind of clothing do you wear, formal or casual. If you belong to a faction you may wear a uniform of some kind)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Physical Description: (General physical look of your character)

General Overview: (General personality of your character)


Ambitions: (What are your goals in life)

Hobbies & Interests: (What do you like to do for fun and what are you interested in)

Languages: (What languages do you speak and how well)
Style of Speech: (How do you speak, casual, proper or crude)
Commonly Used Words / Slang / Jargon: (Words or phrases that you use often)

Relationship with Family: (How well you get along with your family)
Father -
Mother -
Brother(s) -
Sister(s) -
Spouse -
Children -
Other Family -

Relationship with Friends: (How well you get along with your friends)
Key Friends: (Who are your friends)
Key Enemies: (Who are your enemies)
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Creed Eniyou
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