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 Drone's Arrival

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PostSubject: Drone's Arrival   Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:54 pm

Author: Tsalagi Wahya
Title: Drone's Arrival
Location: Te'Kal system, Interplanetary space. middle of nowhere
Timeline: 10043
Tag: Progen/Falconous Jakal

Continued from Day of the signal

If there could be a sound you would have heard the drone reentering normal space after five days of hard g's from being in hyper space for so long. Yet it was in one piece and as soon as it came to a stop the drone began to transmit it's message and scan the area. It was after all a scout drone.

While waiting for a reply the drone sensors picked up something that it did not recognize as any normal ship that was in it's data banks. As a result the drone began intensive deep scans of the approaching ship.

The probes scans revealed that the ship had weapons armed and was targeting it therefore the probe began an immediate data stream back to Skartesh Prime and still waiting for any message that may be sent from this region of space.
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PostSubject: Re: Drone's Arrival   Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:55 pm

Author: Unknown Stealth Prowler
Title: Drone's Arrival
Location: Te'Kal system, Interplanetary space. Middle of Nowhere
Timeline: 10043
Tag: Tsalagi Wahya/Falconous Jakal

As the scout drone exists hyperspace, the sensors of the Stealth Prowler begin picking up its active scans and transmissions directed deep inside the Te'Kal system. Quickly the prowler speeds towards the unknown drone. The vessel's weapons charge up and unleash a quick, deadly energy beam at the drone. In a flash the unknown scout is turned into a molten metal slag, now drifting lifelessly in space as the prowler speeds back into the darkness of space.
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Drone's Arrival
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