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 [GS] Massive Planetary Defense Platform

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Falconous Jakal

Falconous Jakal

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PostSubject: [GS] Massive Planetary Defense Platform   Sun Apr 05, 2009 5:11 am

Phalanx Class Station/Platform

Affiliation: Galactic Shogunate
Type: Planetary Defense Platform

Unit Run:
[*] 44 Platforms to be finished by 10046 AF

Commissioned: 10044, still in Production

[*]Length: 1753 m
[*]Beam: m
[*]Height: 1250 m
Mass: 300,000 metric tons
Crew: 75/1000

Life Support Systems: Yes

Artificial Gravity: Gravity Plating powered by Artificial Gravity Generators

Power Systems:
Primary Power System: 2 Antimatter reactor
Secondary Power Systems: 6 Enhanced compact deuterium fueled fusion generators
Emergency Power Systems: 200 fusion batteries

Computer Systems: Quantum Positronic Computer System, Augmented with Fiber Optic Networks and Control Crystals with AI interface

Sensor Systems:
[*] PAS-37Q System Search Sensor
[*] AIS-117M Advanced Imaging Sensor

[*] 2 Super Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (90 round capacity each)
[*] 20 Vertical Launch Anti-Ship Missile Pods (6 cells per pod, 4 missiles per cell, 480 Missiles total)
[*] 12 Heavy Dual Barrel Enhanced Rapid Fire Rail Cannons
[*] 12 Heavy Dual Barrel Enhanced Ion Cannons

Defense Systems:
[*] 350mm Trinium/Naquadah Armored Hull
[*] Primary Standard Capacity Regenerative Deflector Shielding
[*] 40 Point Defense Laser Turrets
[*] Standard Level Structural Integrity Field

Propulsion Systems:
Thrusters: Retro boosters only
Inertial Dampeners: Yes
Reaction Control System (RCS): Yes

Strength Indices: (Galaxy class = 1,000)
[*]Projectile Firepower: (Kinetic projectile weapons)
[*]Beam Firepower: (Energy weapons)
[*]Torpedo/Missile Firepower:
[*]Weapon Range and Accuracy:
[*]Shield Strength:
[*]Hull Armour:
[*]Combat Maneuverability:
Overall Strength Index:

Expected Hull Life: 300 years
Refit Cycle:
[*]Minor: 10 years
[*]Standard: 25 years
[*]Major: 100 years

Payload includes 2040 fusion warhead anti-ship missiles
8 Fighter Launch Bays (144 fighters or 96 heavy fighters)
4 Medium Ship Docking Rings
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[GS] Massive Planetary Defense Platform
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