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 [GS] Time?

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Falconous Jakal

Falconous Jakal

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PostSubject: [GS] Time?   [GS] Time? I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 14, 2009 6:36 pm

Continued from Tagnus

Author: Falconous Jakal
Title: Time?
Location: Imperial Palace, Tagnus
Timeline: 10044
Tag: Falconous Jakal

Just clear of the solar system, Falconous opened a channel to Space Command, "Have you a lock on the origin of the signal, our scanners are not picking up anything out of the ordinary."

"No, My Lord, But based on the time of contact with the Reclamation Station and Tagnus, we have a rough estimate of where to start looking, coordinates and path of travel are being transmitted now."

As the audio stopped, a stream of information began to fill the screen in front of the helmsman. "Helmsman, set a course, best possible speed."

"Yes My Lord." A few buttons later and the Kraken was underway once again. The behemoth ship accelerating surprisingly fast for a ship of it's size.

Once at the coordinates, the Kraken began to actively scan as it made it's way along the path of travel that they were given. To widen the scanner coverage and ensure that nothing was missed, six wings of heavy fighters were dispatched to create a grid and extend range.

They searched all day every day for a week, they were coming close to the system that Mitianna was returning from when they finally got a ping that brought hope of finding out what had happened. A small debris field came into scanners and was identified and undoubtedly GS design and make-up. Falconous turned the Kraken to hone in on the ping.

"My Lord, the metal is from one of our ships, but there is not enough at all for it to be an entire cruiser, more like a few fighters."

Falconous was not at all relieved to hear this. "Is there anything we can determine from the wreckage? What happened? Who attacked? Anything?"

"No My Lord, the only thing we can say for sure is that it was not Progen."

The bridge fell silent as the realization hit that they could be facing yet another enemy.

During the next twenty four tense hours, every fighter squadron was scrambled over a distance of some ten billion square kilometers looking for any trace of more debris or engine trail or anything that would give a clue as to where the GS cruiser had gone.

Late that evening, the Captain of the Kraken addressed Falconous, "My Lord, there is no further evidence that can lead us to anywhere from here, and there is nothing more we can do."

Falconous looked at him, eyes deep set for lack of sleep, He stood and said in a defeated voice, "Take us home, Captain." He turned and left the bridge, never to leave his quarters for the remainder of the voyage.

Continued in Time?
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[GS] Time?
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