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 Magical (WIP)

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PostSubject: Magical (WIP)   Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:04 pm

Specialist Name: Abjurer
Spells of this school focus magical energies to provide protection. This protection can take a number of forms, including warding off specific types of weapons or creatures and discouraging or dispelling enemies. The school also includes a variety of spells involving avoidance and repellence. Abjuration spells concentrate on eliminating or hindering sources of potential harm rather than repairing damage.

Specialist Name: Transmuter
Spells of this school enable the caster to channel magical energies to cause a direct and specific change in an existing object, creature, or condition. Alterations can affect a subject's form (polymorph), weight (feather fall), location (teleport), or even his physical well-being (death fog).

Specialist Name: Conjurer. A specialist who has learned only summoning spells sometimes calls himself a Summoner, but this is merely a matter of semantics and has no bearing on the specialist's abilities, restrictions, or effectiveness.
This school includes two different types of magic, though both involve bringing in matter from another place. Conjuration spells produce various forms of non-living matter. Summoning spells entice or compel creatures to come to the caster, as well as allowing the caster to channel forces from other planes. Since the casting techniques and ability requirements are the same for both types of magic, conjuration and summoning are considered two parts of the same school.

Specialist Name: Enchanter
Similar to the school of conjuration/summoning, this school encompasses two general types of spells. Both types imbue their subjects with magical energy to create specific effects. Charm spells induce changes or influence the behavior of of creatures, usually altering emotional states. Enchantment spells invest non-living objects with magical powers. Neither charm nor enchantment spells have any affect on their subjects physical form.

Specialist Name: Diviner
This school involves spells that reveal information that would otherwise remain hidden or secret. Greater divination spells reveal the existence of specific items, creatures, or conditions, as well as information about the past, present, and future. This school also includes spells that contact creatures from other planes of existence, but do not induce direct action from those creatures.

Specialist Name: Illusionist
Spells from the school of illusion bend reality to create apparent changes in the environment, in the caster, or in persons or creatures. These spells do not cause real changes as alteration spells do, but instead alter the way that creature and person perceive reality. This school includes both illusion and phantasm spells (the differences are discussed in the spells analysis section).

Specialist Name: Invoker
This school includes two types of spells, both of which use magical energy to create specific effects by bringing forth special forces that the caster shapes into constructs of matter. Evocation spells use the natural magical forces of the planes. Invocation spells call on the intervention of powerful extradimensional beings.

Specialist Name: Necromancer
This powerful school involves spells dealing with death and the dead. These spells drain vitality from living creatures and restore life functions to unliving creatures. Bones, blood, spirits, and apparitions are all associated with the magical energies shaped and controlled by the specialists of this school.


Elementalist Name: Pyromancer and Fire Mage
The elemental magic of fire. This type of magic is usually associated with destruction and the drive for survival, as well as the heated passions of strong emotions.

Elementalist Name: Geomancer, Earth Mage and Stone Mage are the most commonly used.
The elemental magic of earth (stone). Geomancy is typically associated with a strong sense of stability, both mental and physical.

Elementalist Name: Aeromancer and Apeiron Mage.
The elemental magic of air. Air mages are most commonly associated with the potential of magics and the astral plane.

Elementalist Name: Hydromancer and Water Mage are the most common names.
The elemental magic of water. Most associated to creation, birth, and dreams as well as the general emotions felt by all.

Elementalist Name: Sylvamancer or Wood Mage. Few even refer to these magi as Nature Mages.
The elemental magic of wood. Generally known as the element of life, growth, and development. The magic concerned with this element is usually associated with morphing and the seasons.

Elementalist Name: Wokanist, better known as an Enviromage.
The elemetnal magic that encompasses all elements. These mages are proficient in all elements, making them perhaps the strongest of all the elemental mages around. Wokanists are the most stable and versatile elemental mages, tending to be social unlike others though many like to be secretive.
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Magical (WIP)
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