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 Personal Armor Types (WIP)

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PostSubject: Personal Armor Types (WIP)   Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:19 am

Powered Armor

Semi Powered Armor

Hard Armor
Plate Armor
[*]Helmet (Head)
[*]Gorget (Neck)
[*]Pauldron or Spaulder (Shoulders)
[*]Rerebrace, Cowter, Vambrace (Arms)
[*]Gauntlets (Hands)
[*]Cuirass (Torso)
[*]Fauld or Tasset (Hips)
[*]Cuisse, Poleyn, Greaves (Legs)
[*]Sabaton (Feet)

Hybrid Armor
Mesh Armor
Chain Mail

Soft Armor
Leather Armor
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Personal Armor Types (WIP)
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