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 Rules for the Role Playing Universe

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PostSubject: Rules for the Role Playing Universe   Tue Mar 03, 2009 3:37 pm

The Universe forum is the section where all the role playing takes place, each sub form represents a different location within the stories setting. Depending on how you made your character and where you set them in the story is where you post your role plays. There are several galaxies and several star systems in said galaxies, the star systems hold the planets where everyone starts off in depending on race and back story of their character.

There are also locations in the universe, galaxies and star systems that represent empty space for when you take a ship off a specific planet to move to another location. All role plays are location based and must be posted in the correct sub forum to keep things organized and easy for others to follow the flow of the story as it progresses.
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Rules for the Role Playing Universe
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