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 The Star Dancer (WIP)

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Yuki Chakara

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PostSubject: The Star Dancer (WIP)   Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:30 am

Star Dancer Class Vessel

Affiliation: Chakaran Star Empire
Type: Experimental Fast Attack Battlecruiser

Unit Run:
[*] The Star Dancer


[*]Length: 1500m
[*]Beam: m
[*]Height: m
Mass: metric tons
Crew: - Person Evacuation Limit.

Life Support Systems:

Artificial Gravity: Gravity Field Generators

Power Systems:
Primary Power System: Quantum Gravimetric Reactors
Secondary Power Systems: Naqahdah Reactors
Back Up Power Systems:
Emergency Power Systems:

Computer Systems: Quantum Crystalline Computer System

Sensor Systems:

[*] 1 Heavy Quantum Gravimetric Discharge Cannon (Forward firing)
[*] 6 Heavy Plasma Beam Cannons (4 Forward, 2 Aft)
[*] Multi-Directional Plasma Beam Emitters
[*] Rapid Fire ELS Missile Launchers
[*] 4 Rapid Fire Drone Launchers (Projectile-energy Hybrid, Seek-and-destroy Drone Missiles)

Defense Systems:
[*] Naquadah/Trinium/Neutronium Alloy Armored Reinforced Double Hull
[*] Experimental Layered Molecular Quantum-Crystalline Armor Coating
[*] Regenerative High Capacity Deflector Shielding (Adaptive and Ablative, as well as Metaphasic Immersion)
[*] High Level Structural Integrity Field
[*] Subspace Cloaking Device
[*] Armor Generators (Generates a layer of Naquadah/Trinium/Neutronium Alloy over the hull)

Propulsion Systems:
Faster then Light Drive: Intergalactic Hyperspace Window Generator, Space Folding Drive
Sub-Light Engines: 4 Hyper Impulse Drives
Thrusters: Gravimetric Drive System
Inertial Dampeners: Yes
Reaction Control System (RCS): Gravimetric Drive System

Faster then Light Speeds:
[*]Normal Cruise:
[*]Maximum Cruise:
[*]Maximum Rated:

Diplomatic Capability:

[b]Strength Indices:[/b] (Galaxy class = 1,000)
[*]Projectile Firepower:
[*]Beam Firepower:
[*]Torpedo/Missile Firepower:
[*]Weapon Range and Accuracy:
[*]Shield Strength:
[*]Hull Armour:
[*]Combat Maneuverability:
Overall Strength Index:

Expected Hull Life:
Refit Cycle:
[*]Minor: year
[*]Standard: years
[*]Major: years

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The Star Dancer (WIP)
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