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 Planetary Information

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PostSubject: Planetary Information   Planetary Information I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 05, 2009 2:50 pm

Astrographical information
Atmospheric composition: Oxygen 27%, Nitrogen 70%, Other 3%
Size: Mass 547 Million Metric Kilograms , Equatorial radius 4730km
Rotational period (days): 298 Days
Rotational period (hours): 27.97 Hours
Orbital period (days): 424.11 Days

Societal information
Species: Terran
Population: 989,284
Technological period: Tier 3
Under control of: Empire of the Galactic Shogunate
Monetary system: Gil

Technology in Research
Advanced Energy Technology
Advanced Laser Technology
Propulsion Technology
Powered Exoskeletons
Colonization Technology
Complete automation of processes
Robotics Technology

Planetary Structures
Population Habitats
Transportation Systems

Resource Mines (Titanium (High concentrations, mostly untapped))
Resource Refineries
Storage Facilities

Science Centers
Education Centers
Agricultural Centers


Power Generation Facilities

In Construction
Interstellar communications array
Interstellar scanning system
20 shipyard docking berths for corvette class ships and smaller
20 spaceport docking berths for tanker sized ships and smaller (Half based on land/half over water for tankers)

Orbital Structures
Space Station, with attached orbital shipyard facilities

Ships on the Surface

Ships in Orbit
GSS Retribution
GSS Eagle
GSS Falcon
GSS Hawk
GSS Kestrel
2 other cruisers

In Construction
GSS Revenge (Nodachi)

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Planetary Information
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