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 The Alterans

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PostSubject: The Alterans   The Alterans I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 25, 2009 3:47 am

Tens, possibly even hundreds, of millions of years ago, the Alterans (the first evolution of humanity) lived together as one society in a distant galaxy along the evolutionary path to ascension. They developed many advanced technologies, such as the Stargate, advanced healing technologies, and intergalactic communication devices.

The Ancients believed in science, reason, and logic. Knowledge and enlightenment were fundamental to their world view. They believed that the universe was to be studied, and that scientific experimentation was essential to gaining understanding. Most importantly, the Alterans believed in free will. To them, the right to choose whatever a person wants to believe is more important than anything else.

The Alterans, being one of the first forms of sentient life to evolve in the universe had developed many advanced forms of technology before they left their galaxy. Ranging from wormhole technology, advanced healing technologies, and intergalactic communication devices, the Alterans were one of the most advanced races in the known universe. They had also developed intergalactic hyperdrive technology long before sentient life had developed on Earth.

Although the Alterans are human in appearance, their physiology is much more advanced, with a heightened intellect and capacity to store knowledge. The main characteristic differentiating Alterans from baseline humans is the ATA gene, which occurs naturally in all Alterans. Towards the end of their evolutionary development, but still before they ascended, the Alterans developed numerous advanced and varied abilities, such as:

* Telepathy
* Telekinesis
* Superhuman Senses
* Superhuman Speed
* Superhuman Strength
* Precognition
* Perfect Health
* Healing Factor
* Healing Touch
* Kinetic Mind: ability to use many parts of your mind and fully focus on something.

These abilities are varied between individuals. Usually not all the abilities listed are present in one individual, but are all potentially possible, including abilities not yet known.
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The Alterans
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