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 [GS] Kason Fabritan

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Falconous Jakal

Falconous Jakal

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Character Sheet
Character Name: Falconous Jakal
Species: Human/Terran
Classes: Samurai, Psionic Warrior

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PostSubject: [GS] Kason Fabritan   [GS] Kason Fabritan I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2009 12:27 am

First Name: Kason
Middle Name:
Last Name: Fabritan

Nicknames: Kay

Birth Date:
Place of Birth: Tagnus
Residence: The Galactic Shogunate Military Research and Development Center, Tagnus

Gender: Male
Species: Terran
Class: Scientist, Engineer
Age: 49

Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 195 lbs.
Handedness: Right
Clothing Sizes / Styles: Sloppy
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Sandle
Hair Length: Medium
Physical Description: Rotund Terran with a sloppy disposition, unkempt hair, rarely cleaned look makes him stand out in the crowds and guarantees few friends.

General Overview: Head scientist for the Galactic Shogunate Military Research and Development and foremost expert on robotics and automation.
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[GS] Kason Fabritan
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