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 The Story of the Star Shadow Universe (WIP)

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PostSubject: The Story of the Star Shadow Universe (WIP)   The Story of the Star Shadow Universe (WIP) I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 26, 2009 2:51 pm

5,000 years into the future, peace and prosperity reign throughout the known galaxies. Great alliances are forged between the most powerful and aged of races. Exchanges in knowledge, culture and technology takes place on a grand scale among the allied races. For thousands of years this prosperous peace flourished, conflict on the core worlds in the known galaxies vanished like they where nothing more then a passing dream.

Sadly, nothing good ever lasts forever. Where light once shined so bright, the darkness slowly crept back in to assert its reign again. Like a stellar wind the darkness came, a race that had not been seen in force for over a hundred thousand years. An artificial race whose reason for creation has never been discovered, the ones who created these demons long dead, wiped out by the beings they made. The Tyranids came, not in the slow creep from one planet to another. Slowly consuming one world at a time like they have for hundreds of thousands of year, they came all at once. Descending upon the races of the universe on multiple fronts, darkening the skies with hive fleets more numerous then anyone could have imagined even in their darkest nightmares.

Countless worlds fell under their onslaught, many of the inhabitants completely unaware of the evil coming to consume them and their world till it was too late.

........(damn writers block......)
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The Story of the Star Shadow Universe (WIP)
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