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 The Orbital Drop Shock Trooper

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The Orbital Drop Shock Trooper The_Rookie

The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) are an elite group of Marines that are specialized in special warfare tactics. Their method of infiltration by orbital drop allows them to conduct missions against targets that more conventional forces cannot approach undetected.

The Shock Troopers perform highly specialized, small scale, high-risk operations such as:

Deep Ground Surveillance (or Long Range Reconnaissance): Patrols in small groups, in uniform, moderately far behind the enemy lines. While DGS units may direct air or artillery strikes against enemy positions, they strive to be unobserved, and have only self-defense, not DA, capability. Groups engaging in surveillance deep behind enemy lines, are commonly known as "Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols" or LRRP's.

Direct Action: Short-duration strikes and other small-scale offensive actions conducted as a special operation in hostile, denied, or politically sensitive environments and which employ specialized military capabilities to seize, destroy, capture, exploit, recover, or damage designated targets. Direct action differs from conventional offensive actions in the level of physical and political risk, operational techniques, and the degree of discriminate and precise use of force to achieve specific objectives.

Unconventional Warfare: Military and paramilitary operations, normally of long duration, predominantly conducted by indigenous or surrogate forces who are organized, trained, equipped, supported, and directed in varying degrees by an external source. It includes guerrilla warfare and other direct offensive, low visibility, covert, or clandestine operations, as well as the indirect activities of subversion, sabotage, intelligence gathering, escape and evasion.
Counter-Terrorism Operations: The response to terrorist threats and/or acts, both real and imputed.

Counter-Contraband Operations: Missions undertaking the recapturing of smuggled/stolen goods.

Personnel and Special Equipment Recovery/Capture: The recovery/medical treatment of friendly personnel in combat environments, as well as the capability of capturing high valued individuals and any equipment.

ODSTs are recruited from the Special Operations Groups of all the nations and colonies from a governments military. Since the first group of “handpicked volunteers” was activated, these shock troopers have been conducting orbital drops ever since.

As such, its entrance requirements serve as a third layer of screening upon two more, where applicants would have theoretically failed to pass. Recruits would, therefore, already have extensive experience in conducting the types of high-risk missions that the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers typically perform, which is only supplemented by the additional training. Companies are usually comprised of six-to-eight Combat Teams, with each containing ten-to-fourteen Operators, each of whom has a specific function, able to excel at specific mission-sets while still retaining the flexibility to deal with any situation. While they are not a part of the a military's conventional forces, such as infantryman from the Army or Marines, they do conduct joint operations; and tend to be "force multipliers" - increasing the effectiveness, willingness, and morale of those they fight alongside.

Unlike some conventional forces, the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers has absolutely no age or gender bias, on the condition that the candidate meets the physical and mental requirements they are guaranteed the opportunity to train for selection into the unit.
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The Orbital Drop Shock Trooper
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