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 Day of the Signal

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PostSubject: Day of the Signal   Day of the Signal I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 28, 2009 11:17 am

Author: Tsalagi Wahya
Title: Day of the signal
Location: Yeowe, the new Skartesh homeworld
Timeline: 10043 AF (After Fall) 18 months after Falconous Jakal sent out his proposition
Tag: Yuki/Falconous

Standing outside the Royal Spire, Tsalagi Alpha male of the Skartesh is looking at the dense trees and foliage of newly terraformed ground, one feat among many his people are capable of. Admiring the lush green plants and hearing the sound of prey eating in the distance, Tsalagi is standing there with his eyes closed enjoying the morning breeze when his head began to buzz.

This blatant interruption has set Tsalagi in a bad mood right off. “Blasted com units I'll never get used to them.” “Yes” he barks

“Sir, absolute apologies for disturbing you however I though you would want to know that we just traced a long range com signal we received” He barks once again. "Sir, it's from the milky way."

"Excuse me" Tsalagi says with a tone of disgust. "There is no possible way that there is a human world in that region of space. The archives would have told us. Send Yuki a message asking if his people know of anyone that would be there. In the meantime I want a scout probe sent with the same message to broadcast on arrival. The message is...

"To anyone that are descendants of the human survivors from the great war, please send a message to this probe. Our location will not be revealed however we will get your message."

"I want to be told if there is a response to that message. By the way, the transition that we did get was there a name attached to it?" Tsalagi says.

"Yes sir", came the reply, "The name is Falconous Jakal."

"Now, if there are to be no more interruptions, I am going on that outing I had planned." He growls.

Once again Tsalagi closes his eyes and stands there listening to the sounds of the woods. Though we the Skartesh are highly advanced, we still love a good hunt. We have not seen nor heard nature such as this since the total annihilation of our true homeworld. However as I stand here wanting to go for that outing I can't help thinking about that transmission. What does it mean?, Why would it be sent on general broadcast like that and did any others get that message?. Most importantly were they even still alive there?. As the thoughts of the possibility of descendants of their allies race through my head, I am no longer in the mood for an outing. I have to know.

With that I make my way back inside, forgetting the desire for the hunt to go to the central database deep in our den. I have to know if anyone would have gone so close to Progen space. Yes we know of them only through the archives. Never really had any contact with them as of late. Yet I am unable to go to the archives either, it's so frustrating waiting and yet not able to do anything. I tap the back of my ear to activate my com unit. "Is there any word from Yuki yet on our inquiry?" A pause as if someone not wanting to answer. "WELL! IS THERE!" I shout.

"No" came the reply.

"Ok that's all I wanted, You live for another day." Tsalagi states.

I sit down down to think and collect my thoughts when one of the pups comes in to see if I need anything. "Just something strong drink please, thank you."

The pup leaves and returns shortly with his drink which he promptly swallows the whole glass in one big gulp. "Thank you young lady" he said, "now I must nap while I await an answer."

Message to Yuki Chakara Answered Here
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Number of posts : 3
Age : 42
Registration date : 2009-03-19

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PostSubject: Re: Day of the Signal   Day of the Signal I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 04, 2009 5:14 pm

Author: Tsalagi Wahya
Title: A puppy once again
Location: Royal spire/dinning den
Timeline: 10043
Tag: Tsalagi Wahya

For the fifth night now Tsalagi paces from one side to the other of his spacious sleeping chambers of his den. There isn't much to his den. Not so much as what most humans think anyways. His sleeping quarters only consist of a wash station with a sink and a tub in one corner and a grooming station in the other right across from his wash station.

Five nights Tsalagi continues to wake from dreams of their former homeworld's destruction. For five nights all he can see is the Tyranid hive fleet destroying countless Skartesh ships fleeing a world that is being consumed. One ship that sticks in Tsalag is mind is the one that has his wife and children on board. He is helpless as he watches over and over again as the Tyranid fleet dispatches the escort with a speed that only demons can. Then he sees as the colony ship 'Irana Awren' gets hit. Her shields collapse in a crackling radiance of blue that vanishes as fast as it appeared. Then Irana lists to her port aft side while the lights flicker and go out. All at once Irana irrupts in a ball of flame that arcs out from the ship and is consumed by the vacuum of space. Just as the lives of all those people were consumed. The thing that disturbs him the most is the Tyranid fleet, huge beyond anything he could ever imagine. It was a blueish in color, plasma weapons in the fore and aft sections glowed with shear evil. This worried him as this kind of fleet is built for total death. If this fleet was real and it survived the war was it still out there? He had to know. So at 0230 Tsalagi stopped his pacing and made his way back to the spire and the archives that resided in the data den.

Three hours later.

After a grueling three hours of searching the archives only to find nothing on the Tyranid ship, Tsalagi touched a single claw to the only piece of his implanted com unit. The com unit is directly linked to the brain and converts one's thoughts when activated into audible speech. Tsalagi informs the Spire to ready the pack. "Where should we inform the crews that they are going?" Came the reply. "Home" Tsalagi said.

While waiting for the ships to be prepped for launch, Tsalagi decided to go grab a bite to eat. He let out a heavy sigh go as he stepped out of his bed chamber and into his kitchen. Why am I going to eat here? He thinks to himself. Tsalagi enters the gathering den where most of the Skartesh population ate their meals. Looking around the near empty den he lets out a dejected sigh at there are not being many here this time of the morning. Theres nothing I can do about it he thought as he sat down. A young female Skartesh by the name of Renah came to take his order. "Renah, I'll have a new york strip steak with mushrooms and cheese sauce with collard greens smothered in butter, corn and half a chicken please. I would like a howler to drink with that please."

Renah turned and went to get his food. Tsal however caught a scent on the incoming breeze that he had not smelled since he was a pup. That smell of a virile female. Tsal forgot about it and turned his thoughts to his ships and how they were coming along when his food arrived. Tsal still hadn't noticed Renah yet as he began to eat. There was that scent again, he had to be imagining it or was he? He had just finished eating when Renah came back to see how he was doing when Tsal finally noticed her. How beautiful she was with those ocean sapphire eyes that long midnight black fur and that tail that was to die for. Tsal was captivated and finally realized that Renah was the source of that heavenly scent. He gave a low quiet soft growl and walked towards her sniffing her neck when he arrived. Tsal then gently nipped at her neck and licked at the corner of her mouth that promoted Renah to giggle. Tsal gave a low yet quiet growl as he made his way around her back stroking her fur with a paw. Renah enjoying this attention gave a low soft pleasing growl herself. This of course promoted Tsal to move back in front of her. There eyes met and for what seemed like forever they just stood there looking at one another.

While looking into those deep ocean sapphire eyes he realized that he had never felt this attracted to any other on this planet. This promoted Tsal to again move in close to Renah and lick at the corner of her mouth. Renah looked at him and moved in and nipped the side of his neck passionately. Tsal returned the gesture as well. They were extremely close now when the fires of passion ignited between them, burning a crimson arch... “bzzzz” and a soft light began to glow behind his right ear. Growling he pulls away from Renah and at the same time reaches up with a claw tapping his com active. With a disdained tone that said this had better be important.

“WHAT!” Tsalagi Growls.

“Sir you wanted to be informed when the pack was ready sir. Came the reply." Then the com went silent.


Tsal is prepping for take off in the alpha shuttle when the pilot called back to him. Sir there is a message coming in from Yuki. He said with a grin. “Put it through back here” Tsal called up. As Tsal watched the message from Yuki with concern on his face he thought of what to send back. Tapping the reply button he responds “Yuki greetings from New Skartesh. Hope life finds you well. How is your mate and little one doing? Well I asked do to the fact that five days ago we received an old transmission from someone named Falconous Jakal asking for help. I have sent a probe delivering a welcome message and asking for a response if anyone is still out there. Also while I am waiting for that I plan on going to Ancient Skartesh to see if the original Data core is still intact in the Spire's den. Want to go with me on an adventure? Well if not I understand." Roared Tsalagi excitedly.

Tsal breaks out in a low hearty laugh a that thought, a kitty and a wolf on an adventure together. However the moment was short lived as his head once again went “bzzzz”

“Yes” he said in the lightest tone of voice he had had in a long time.

“Sire there is a response from our drone with data of an unknown ship. Sir we lost the drone.”

“We lost the drone? How? It's the most advanced drone that we have.”

“We don't know sir.”

“Yuki sorry to have delayed the message for so long I have some good news and bad news. He laughs again. I have just received a message from the probe, however the probe has been destroyed. We have data on the ship though it is one that we have never encountered before and was wondering if you knew of it. Transmitting the data to you now".

“I hope you decide to go with us Yuki, it would be great fun and who knows maybe we can even go hunting for that ship I sent you.” Said Tsalagi.

Message to Yuki Chakara is answered here
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Day of the Signal
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