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 Wrong Feelings

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PostSubject: Wrong Feelings   Wrong Feelings I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2009 3:42 pm

Author: Midori Kusanagi
Title: Wrong Feelings
Location: Evolot
Timeline: 10044 AF (After Fall)
Tag: Midori

Awakening from her slumber, Midori opens the windows of the house she had been staying in, and looks out upon the many thousands on lush trees and rivers throughout Evolot. She can hear the gentle humming of creatures in the distance being carried to her by the soft breeze, the melody of nature continues as she prepares for the day ahead.

As she is getting dressed, something in the back of her mind cautions her, though she shrugs it off as nothing and continues to get dressed. Just as she is finished, she hears the door open. Denziel salutes her and then continues with, "Midori, we have a high priority shipment haul of Deuterium scheduled...Though something is a little off, we dont have the exact co-ordinates for the drop-off but its only just outside the Tek-kal system." After he finishes Midori gets a feeling an unease as she tells him to continue loading the Deuterium. "Whats wrong Midori, are you okay?" He places a hand on her shoulder, "Midori?" Upon feeling his hand touch her shoulder Midori snaps back to reality, "Yes.. Yes im fine, meet me at the Seraphim in 30 minutes."

As she walks through the settlement towards her ship, Midori once again feels something is off. She had established a flourishing trade with neighbors of the Tek-kal system and further beyond that in far off systems, but never before had she felt so unrested about a route before, or maybe if it isn't the route, she had a very bad feeling. Midori is once again brought back into the reality of the day as she almost walks into one of the villagers. "I..I'm sorry, please excuse me.." She mutters before continuing the walk to the Seraphim.

When she nears her ship, she can see Denziel organizing workers on the ground, as she gets closer she hears him call her, "Midori! Come here!" upon hearing his call, Midori picks up her pace and approaches him. "Whats wrong Denziel?" she asks when she arrives, he replies with "The Seraphims scanners are malfunctioning at the moment, we are picking up multiple ship signals all over the planet, underground and out in space. I have ordered one of our men to work with Salvatore to fix the problem." Midori looks slightly confused, "Scanners Malfunctioning? Thats never happened before...Im going to the bridge, catch up to me when you've finished here." Denziel replies with a nod and salute.

Arriving at the bridge Midori orders the man working on the AI to move and sits in her chair. "Scanners Malfunctioning....?" she thinks to herself. "Salvatore? Can you update me on how long this recalibration is going to take?" Midori questions the AI as she is plugging into it, Salvatore responds with "I have it 67% recalibrated Midori, i expect it to be 100% within an hour." Midori smiles slightly, "Good job Salv..." Midori blanks out again and feels a distinct unease.. "Salvatore, how far is the drop-off from Evolot?" Salvatore responds with "An hour once we enter slipstream, we will enter the drop zone area 10 minutes before the Cruisers." Midori lets a cold stare out, "Good..."
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Wrong Feelings
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