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 General Rules of the Role Playing Forum

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PostSubject: General Rules of the Role Playing Forum   Sun Apr 12, 2009 11:07 pm

Posting Rules

When posting in the role playing sections, don’t reply to another person's topic unless you are tagged by said player, asked said player's permission or its in open topic free for anyone to reply to. If you are found to be posting in another's none open topic without their permission, your post can and will be deleted and you will get a warning for the action. Multiple warnings for this will result in your account being suspended and your posts being locked and moved to the archives.

Topic hijacking will not be tolerated on this forum as its considered highly rude and can ruin another's story. Taking over another's story and characters is never allowed. Taking over of forum NPCs is also not allowed, they are their for you to interact with within their preset limits. Further interaction beyond that must be approved by and run by forum admin staff.

Content Rules

This forum is pretty laid back when it comes to what it will allow you to write in your posts, however pornographic writing (i.e. having a love scene and explaining exactly what you are doing in said love scene is not allowed. Have romance if you like, just keep the exact details behind closed doors please). Excessive unnecessary swearing (i.e. every other word is a swear word, or you are being overly colorful with said swearing) will not be tolerated.
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General Rules of the Role Playing Forum
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